DIY - String Lampshade

Music 21/01/2011


The other day I was at a friend's birthday party.  She'd decorated the place with the usual... Some Chinese paper lamps, fairy lights, but there was one thing that really stood out... She'd removed her normal hanging light lampshade and replaced it with a string light fixture. Intrigued I enquired as to where she's purchased the lamp shade and was pretty surprised when she said she'd made it.  Turns out it was all very easy, despite the finished product looking very chic and modern.


You'll Need:


A Balloon.  The size of the balloon depends on what size you want your lampshade to be - party stores stock over sized balloons which are great for making shades for large rooms.

2 or so balls of either string or wool, white works best, but this is entirely dependent on your own tastes.


Wallpaper paste

Large bowl or container to mix the paste and string in

Vivid, water resistant so that it doesn't mark your string


How to:


1.  Blow up your balloon, and mark a circle at the top of the balloon, by the knot, so that you know which point not to go past in order to make sure you can still fit your light into it when it's dried.


2. Cover the balloon with some vaseline.  


3. Leaving the wool in its ball, submerge it in the glue, working the glue through as well as you can without unraveling the ball.


4. Starting at the top of the balloon, and whirl the string onto it, making sure that you're keeping your pattern evenly spaced as to how thick you want the string.


5. Leave to dry for 24 hours, then pop the balloon, and hang it accordingly!


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