How To Make Homemade Cushions

Music 23/12/2010

By Dee Lockwood


One thing I have learned along my experiences of interior design is that everyone has their own tastes, ideas and preferences about how a room/house/area should be decorated...and sometimes those ideas just don't mix.


I personally am a big fan of themes and matching/coordinating colours...until it comes to cushions! Freestyle, mismatched cushions are my speciality and I love them! They make such a welcome addition to a room and they help you to breakaway from the danger of a space being too well matched. They also add a really fun, vibrant energy to a room and are so easy to make, especially if you have a sewing machine or can borrow one from a friend.


It is also surprising at the amount of fabric that you can find around the house that you no longer need, and all this fabric is potential cushion-making-material! Check your wardrobes...are there any clothes in there that you no longer wear? Do you have any in storage? Think outside the old pair of jeans can make an excellent cushion cover, as can a worn wool jumper or a shirt. You can even include the buttons in the cover to add style and texture! Old curtains can also provide a lot of fabric, especially if you are keen on your cushions matching.



sewing machine (you can rent these, simply check the phone book or check online)

heavy duty cotton or polyester thread


cushion inners (you can purchase these from any homeware store such as Briscoes or The Warehouse)

measuring tape






Firstly, set up your sewing machine on a comfortable table and thread the needle and the bobbin with your thread.


Measure your cushion inners end to end. You should allow a little extra on each side depending on how tightly you want the cushion inner to fill the cover. To get an idea, take one of your current cushions, remove the inner and compare the measurements to see how much extra you need to allow on your homemade one.


Take the fabric that you want to use for your cushion cover and mark the measurements onto the reverse of the fabric with chalk. You will need to add approximately 2cm on each side to allow you to sew a seam. This also depends on how neat your seam sewing skills are!


This first piece of fabric will be the front of the cushion. To make the back of the cushion, mark the same measurements from the cushion inner onto the fabric but add 12cm to the width. This is because you will need to cut this piece of fabric in half, from top to bottom, sew seams along the edges and allow for an overlap to allow you to insert the cushion inner.


The first parts to sew are the seams on the edges of the piece of fabric you have just cut. Be sure to make a small neat fold, pin the seam all along and sew both edges. You can leave the threads untied either end and tidy them up once the whole thing is done.


Next, take the first piece of fabric (the front of the cushion) and pin it, face to face with the two back sections (so you will be sewing along the face that will eventually be inside the cushion), being sure to allow a 2-3cm overlap of the two panels. Now sew along all 4 sides, along your chalk marks, making neat corners.


Once this is finished, remove the pins, tie off the thread and trim any excess fabric from the edges.


Now its time to turn it the right way round and admire your work! It should look just like a cushion cover you would buy at any store. Test it out with your cushion inner.


How easy was that?! And no need to stop at one, you can fill all your couches with these fabulous 'designer' cushions, all handmade and crafted by rewarding.