Get your teen working for money

Music 26/08/2009

As the parent of a teenager, you have many decisions to make everyday, ranging from approving clothing and hairstyles to approving boyfriends and girlfriends. If your child wants a part time job, however, the decision is an easy one to make - do everything in your power to make it happen!

Part time jobs are great for teenagers. They teach responsibility, the value of hard work, and money management skills that your teen will learn nowhere else but the real world. Whether it's mowing grass for the neighbors or flipping burgers at your local fast food joint, a job is a classroom in and of itself, where your teen learns a variety of real-life lessons. This article will discuss a few of these lessons, and why they're great for your kid.

#1 Part Time Jobs Teach Responsibility

The key element of doing well at a job is showing up. If your teenager can manage that, consistently and on time, he's ahead of the game. Most people that end up getting fired from these types of jobs are fired due to absence or tardiness. Regular attendance will teach your teenager the importance of responsibility. He'll also practice this skills as he performs the tasks required by the job, consistently and accurately. Part time jobs teach responsibility, so get out of the way and let your teen learn from the masters!

If your child is fired, it may be tempting to jump in and negotiate on their behalf. Instead, help them to see where they fell short on the job and correct their mistakes, so that the problem doesn't happen again. By doing so, you'll be teaching them even more about responsibility, although it may be a painful lesson to learn.

#2 Part Time Jobs Teach the Value of Hard Work

Most part time jobs require repetitive tasks or manual labor - neither of which is a lot of fun. In fact, the job may very well feel like...well...WORK! This may be your teens first experience with hard work, so be sure to reiterate to them how valuable the experience is. Take the time, however, to help your teenager find a job that suits their skills or interests, so that they don't completely detest it. There's value in finding  meaningful work that you enjoy - help your teenager to do so if possible.

#3 Part Time Jobs Teach Money Management Skills

Now that your teenager has a part time job, it may be time for them to start contributing a bit more to the household finances. For example, you may have them pay their own cell phone bill, or put money towards their gasoline or auto insurance bills. Teach your teenager about money, savings, credit, and other financial subjects. They'll need this information as they grow into adulthood, and it's wise to use their own money to help them learn. If they are of age, you may even consider opening them a checking or savings account and teaching them how to use it properly.

Part time jobs can be a great way to help teenagers learn responsibility, the value of hard work, and money management skills. By allowing your teenager to find a part time job, you're stepping out of the way and letting the adult world teach him these sills. While it can be difficult at first, remember that part of your job as a parent is to let go when necessary. A part time job is a great way to practice sending your young adult out into the world, while you're still around to help him work through his mistakes.