World's most pet-friendly airlines revealed

travel 22/06/2018

Got a beloved pet you want to travel with? Well the good news is most airlines have policies in place that will allow you to do so.

Price comparison website Compare the Market has commissioned a new study which looks at which airlines and destinations will most encourage you to bring a furry friend.

It found Air France is the leader in the pet transport field, with a policy that enables you to bring up to three pets on a jet-setting journey - all for the equivalent cost of an added suitcase. 

Britain's Thomas Cook Airlines has no maximum weight for pets and you can get them on board for just 15 euros each, along with an excess baggage fee. 

However EasyJet, Emirates and FlyBe are a little less animal-friendly, and won't let you take pets onboard full stop. 

Our very own Air New Zealand allows domestic pets to travel as checked baggage on all domestic services - up to 25kg you will be charged $75, and it's $100 for anything over that. 

International flights, however, do not permit pets as checked bagged and they must travel as cargo.

Compare the Market also looked into the most pet friendly travel destinations. 

New York, Tokyo and Seoul all came out on top, none of which require passports for visiting pets. However New York will require a vet's certificate for dogs to prove they've had a recent rabies vaccination. 

Tokyo will also require that your animal is chipped and that you've filed an Advanced Notification Form with the Animal Quarantine Service, 40 days before you travel. A vet must also complete a Japan Veterinary Certificate before travel to show your pet has been innoculated against Japan's list of illnesses. 

Seoul also requires that animals are vaccinated against rabies.