Woman's picture perfect linen cupboard goes 'viral' for how impressive it is

Must See 13/06/2019

An Australian woman has been left surprised after her linen cupboard, of all things, sprung to viral fame on the interent.

The woman, named Sonya, has always had a knack for decorating her home and after viewing her linen cupboard as a "boring space" she decided to give it a bit of a makeover.

The result was not only functional and organised, but “looked beautiful at the same time”.

The woman is well known for her decorating and cleaning skills, which she documents on her Instagram page.

The first thing the mother of two did was pull everything off her shelves and sorted through things she no longer used or needed.

"Items that were still of good quality I gave away to charity and all the other items went in the bin,” Sonya told Better Homes and Gardens.

“I then worked out what I had left and put the remaining items into categories like towels, bedding, linen etc. and worked out roughly how many containers I would need."

She took down the measurements of her shelves and headed to the shops to look for baskets and containers.

“When searching for the containers I looked for something that suited the style I wanted but was also functional in terms of size,” says Sonya.

Sonya styled the space to add warmth and character.

“In my opinion, anything pretty and pink makes a space automatically that much better,” she says.

Storage items were purchased from a variety of stores and Sonya spent around $250 in total.