Unusual song claims to put people to sleep by using the sound of snoring

health 14/06/2019

Just because sleeping is something we naturally have to do, it doesn't mean it is at all easy!

Sometimes no matter how many chapters we read or rain sound effects we listen to, sleep just won't come.

That is why pop singer Simon Webbe, has created a song to help put people to sleep.

Called 'Snored to Sleep', the unusual song aims to lull you into a deep slumber, using the sound of snoring.

The one minute 40 second track combines the sound of crowd-sourced snoring with a slow melody, low frequencies and a rhythmic, repetitive bass - all of which have been linked to lowering heart and breath rates.

Scientific studies have shown that this can lead to reduced brain activity, creating the perfect environment for restful sleep, whilst also creating the paradoxical situation of snoring helping, rather than hindering, a good night’s kip.