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Tips for creating the perfect night routine

life 13/06/2018

Most people will have a morning routine they stick to, however, sometimes we forget the importance of a night routine. After a big day, it is essential to relax and review the day you've had, to enhance your wellbeing. Many people tend to neglect this so here's a list of how successful people end their day.

1. Reflect on your day

Life can get pretty stressful, whether it's your boss or personal drama's, it's important to make sure you reflect on these events each night. By reflecting on your day, it enables you to think about how your day could have gone better and sets you up fresh for a new day. You may even want to consider reflecting in a journal to get all your thoughts out. After you have reflected on your day, you can set positive goals for tomorrow!

2. Put down that phone!

It's been said a million times, and we never listen about getting off our phone before bed. But this is a crucial part of gaining a better sleep. That last 30 mins on your phone decreases the natural melatonin in your body, and this is what makes you sleep. Being on your phone, your body is tricked into thinking it should be awake. So to ensure you sleep well, take your phone out of your night routine. 

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3. Exercise

Sometimes after a long day, the last thing you want to do is a workout. However, exercising in the night time is extremely beneficial for you. Ditch those early morning wakeups to work out, and instead when you get home try going for either a gentle stroll or jog. As we know exercise releases endorphins, which will always make you happy! These endorphins are a perfect way to work off the day's stress!  But keep in mind that if you exercise too close to your bedtime, it'll keep you up, as late night exercise has the same effects as a late night coffee!

4. Warm drinks

As silly as it sounds adding time to your nightly routine to have a warm drink and read something positive will benefit your night routine. Try to make your night as positive as possible so you can go into tomorrow feeling fresh and energised. Taking time to yourself and allowing yourself to read and have a comforting warm drink, will relax you perfectly during the night.  

Most importantly create a nightly routine which is best suited for you. Make sure you stick to it as this pattern makes the most significant impact if it is consistent each night.