The surprising amount of money you could save by giving up single-use plastic

Eco 04/07/2019

Many people around the world are currently using Plastic-Free July as a motivator to kickstart their lives into a life with less plastic. 

Single-use plastic currently accounts for huge amounts of waste and environmental problems. In fact, each person uses around 53kg of plastic each year and most of it is single-use, such as plastic food containers, knives, forks and wrap. But with a few simple swaps for sustainable alternatives, you could help make the world a better place, reduce waste and save yourself money.

It's estimated that by getting rid of single-use plastic from your life, you could save yourself around $800 per year.

Here's just four of many ways you can make that happen.

Takeaway Coffee

Takeaway coffee: average takeaway coffee in a disposable coffee cup costs around $4.50. 
Sustainable alternative: KeepCup 8oz costs $14.00.
You can receive up to around $0.50 discount when you use your reusable coffee cup at responsible cafes. 
Waste saved: 250 single use coffee cups
Estimated annual savings: $111

Water Bottles

Bottled water: Pump Water 750ml costs around $3.00.
Sustainable alternative: Stainless Steel Water Bottle 750ml costs anywhere from $10+.
Waste saved: 250 plastic water bottles
Estimated annual savings: $502.55

Sandwich Bags

Zip lock plastic sandwich bags: Glad plastic bags around $5 for 12.
Sustainable alternative: Reusable Sandwich Bag or Beeswax wraps estimated less tha $20.
Waste saved: 250 single use plastic zip lock bags
Estimated annual savings: $12.00

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors: Gillette Venus Disposable Shaving Razor, three razors per pack, costs around $10. 
Sustainable alternative: Parker 95R Unisex Safety Razor including five blades, costs $44.95. Replacement blades cost $5.95 for a pack of five. A safety razor can last a lifetime with care. 
Waste saved: 39 plastic razors
Estimated annual savings: $78.91