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The most common diet myths busted!

life 03/07/2018

Choosing a diet that works for you can be very tough in this day and age with a new fad diet hitting the headlines nearly every day! A healthy and balanced diet is key to a great lifestyle, so we have found the biggest diet myths and put them to rest. 

Myth one: Eating during late hours of the night lead to weight gain

This is a widespread one, and people will make sure they eat their dinner strictly before a particular time, to make sure they work off their dinner before they go to bed. We have been told time and time again that you'll gain weight as you use no energy when you sleep. However this is not the case, you still use energy while you sleep. Where it becomes true, is if you're eating more calories than what you're burning in a day, then this will lead to weight gain. 

Myth two: Veganism leads to weight loss

Veganism is one of the top trending diets at the moment, but just because you are a vegan does not equal weight loss. Since vegans avoid all animal products, they lack in essential nutrients, such as; calcium, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Sometimes vegan meals can be high in sweeteners or processed oils as a butter or egg replacement. When animal products are removed, it is common for vegans to bulk up their meals with high starch carbohydrates. 

Myth three: Fats will always be bad

There are three different types of fats, which are saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. It is recommended for women to have between 14-20 grams of good fat per day. Good, healthy fats are olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, fish and eggs. It is recommended you keep in mind to use good fats in moderation, and choose vegetable oils instead of fats when cooking. 

Myth four: All carbs are bad for you 

If you're serious about weight loss, you would have considered cutting carbs from your diet. There is undoubtedly research studies out there which suggest that cutting carbs will enhance weight loss, but if you cut this food group entirely, it will lead to an imbalance. Carbs are a vital source of energy. Also, eating the right types of carbs will make you feel full and satisfied. 

Myth five: You must cut alcohol, sugar and fun, to see results

According to an Australian performance and nutrition coach, Camilla Akerberg, strict diet and fitness does not mean that you have to live a boring lifestyle. 

'Myth busted! You do not have to eat mainly leafy greens and cut out all sugar and alcohol entirely to see results

She relies on a balanced diet where you eat your leafy greens, lean proteins and fruit with plenty of nutrients, but then you also are not scared to have a drink in the weekend, and you don't just cut out sugar in your diet.