The game-changing new app ready to tackle our food waste problem

Eco 06/06/2019

Food waste. It's becoming such a dire problem you've no doubt heard all the stats.

One third of food produced for human consumption is wasted… approximated 40 percent of fruit and veges grown are wasted….and we've all witnessed the sad sight of a café throwing out a cabinet full of sammies at the end of the day

But short of taking part in a spot of dumpster diving, how do we combat it? 

Enter Foodprint, the new app that's bringing together hungry customers and half price muffins.  

The brainchild of founder Michal Garvey, the app gives restaurants and cafes around the city the opportunity to list surplus food they have left at the end of the day for heavily discounted prices - usually 50 percent or more. 

For Garvey the concept was a win-win; food suppliers sell stock that was otherwise going to hit the landfill, while hungry shoppers who might not be able to afford regular café prices can get themselves a delicious feed. 

Customers order, make their purchase in-app, and collect their food directly from eateries.

A "passionate foodie," Garvey says she believes food should always fulfil its purpose in providing nourishment and enjoyment. However, she notes it's widely accepted that one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted. 

"In New Zealand, cafés, restaurants and supermarkets throw out 47,678 tonnes of food annually. That's a huge amount of waste and it's damaging to the environment," she says. 

"The app provides a practical, easy-to-use solution."