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The damage heels cause, and tips to fix this

life 27/06/2018

We all know the horrific pain that comes with wearing heels. But fashion is pain, right? Well, this pain that you feel when wearing heels is causing some severe damage to your feet. The twinges and aches that you get used to through the night while wearing heels is a sign that you should not be wearing heels that are this small for you, or for that long of a time. 

The reason it hurts so much is that it is an unnatural position for your foot to be in. This is 'plantar flexed' which is equivalent to standing on your tiptoes for hours which we would never do! Regular heel wearers know the immediate and short-term side effects of heels, the initial pain in your feet, and then bunions or ingrown toenails. However, there are some longer-term effects which should be considered. Heels can cause shortened calf muscle fibres, and a toughened Achilles tendon, which can reduce the movement you have in your ankle. 

Another adverse effect is that the position the heel puts your foot in creates a mass strain on your back. Our spines have a natural 'S' curvature which has a purpose of absorbing shock and reduce stress on the back. Hower heels can counteract this angle, and the decreasing curvature of your spine will be the primary cause of the back pain you will experience. 

Here are some tips to help reduce the pain and the long-term side effects, without jeopardising your style!

  • Try to avoid wearing heels all day, arrive in the office wearing flats and then change into heels when appropriate
  • Heels with 1-2 inch heels have a lessened rate of effect on the spine and feet, so try shopping for slightly smaller heels for everyday wear.
  • If you're going to shop for new shoes, do it in the afternoon. This is because your feet expand during a hot day, so if they don't fit on a warm afternoon you know, they will become painful during the day.
  • Try rubber insoles rather than just leather. This will attempt to help shock which is heels cause to your feet and back.