The carry-on luggage rule you might not know

travel 18/07/2019

A new carry-on luggage rule has come to light and is catching out a lot of frequent flyers on the airline carrier Jetstar.

The rule sees you unable to pack extra items into your handbag to reduce your carry-on weight.

It's been labeled by the public as a 'blatant way to make money' and has infuriated a lot of people. 

The airline responded on Twitter saying, "Jetstar limits the carry-on baggage to 7kg for the safety of our customers and crew. Kindly visit"

When other's tried to rebuttle Jetstar's rules, Jetstar replied: "We want everyone to have their fair share of space. Some customers are frustrated when they meet the limit but others don't"

While the rules set by the airline may be a little frustrating for those who frequently fly, it's best to make sure you keep to under 7kgs to avoid an extra fee!