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The benefits of 10 minutes of meditation

life 29/06/2018

Sometimes time can fly during the day, but it is essential to try to incorporate 10 minutes of mindfulness into your daily schedule. According to author Dr Elise Bialylew of the bestselling book "The Happiness Plan", there are significant health benefits including 

An enhanced immune function

Which is something we desperately need in these cold months!

Bialylew claims that people she has studied over the years that mediate have a higher immune system with those who had the flu injection. She is a former, so we think she knows what she's talking about! 

She also has discovered that positive parts of the brain become activated when partaking in 10 minutes of meditation per day. 

Research has demonstrated that people who suffer from depression and negative mood states have more electrical brain activity on the right side of the brain, compared with those who have more a positive, resilient attitude in life. Simply put, meditation leads to greater happiness.

High functioning sections of the brain also improve so meditation will enhance your overall wellbeing and mental state. 

Some may think what on earth could such a short time like ten minutes make any difference. But Elise Bialylew says in her personal experience and her clients, the mere ten minutes a day of meditation over a month, people started to notice benefits to their mental and emotional state. 

Many people think that meditation is a practice which involves emptying your mind of thoughts. This misconception can leave beginners feeling like ‘bad’ meditators. Mindfulness meditation is not about emptying the mind, just as your heart beats and your breath flows in and out, your mind thinks.