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How Mia is adjusting to be a big sister

royal 05/07/2018

Mike Tindal has recently chatted about their new baby and how Mia is loving being a big sister to newborn, Lena. Tindal has been promoting a charity ski event; the Val d'Istance Challenge and has had his first casual chat with the media about how little Lena is settling into the family.

Mike said Mia is over the moon and loves having Lena in the house. Mike revealed they hadn't given Mia presents from the new baby. However, some family and friends have gifted Mia presents as well as Lena.

The couple has been seen out a bit recently only two weeks after the birth of their baby girl. They made a debut together with eldest Mia at the Celtic Manor Resort's Celebrity Cup golf tournament. Then hours later the pair arrived together dressed immaculately for the Celebrity Cup Gala dinner. Which clearly shows the couple are happy and coping exceptionally well with the new addition to the family.

We're doing alright at the moment, We've had a couple of bad nights with her, but otherwise she has started off strong.

He also revealed why Lena was named so late. Before she was born, they did not have a name ready for her. So when she arrived, they made a list of names, and after nine days they decided on the name Lena as one they both agreed on.

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