Hay-fever sufferers are swearing by this latest viral hack

Must See 03/07/2019

If you suffer from hay-fever then this hack could be worth a shot later in the year when the hay-fever season really hits.

Hay-fever sufferers have figured out a quick fix to their woes and people are swearing by it!

Apparently applying a thin layer of Vaseline around your nostrils and eyes helps to stop pollen from causing irritation. 

"Been suffering badly with hayfever the last couple of days, then my daughter said to put Vaseline up my nose! Haven't sneezed all day, thought she was taking the p*ss". said one person.

Another added "to all hayfever suffers out there, get some Vaseline put it on your nose/nostrils and put some on your eyelashes and around your eyes. It stops the pollen getting in, it's honestly been life changing for me".

This might be one hack to take note of!