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6 Ways to stop a migraine

life 22/06/2018

When the onset signs of a migraine kick in, the worst part is sitting in anticipation, knowing whats coming next. Even if migraine sufferers take preventative measures when a migraine sets in, it can make you feel completely powerless. However, there are ways to stop migraines when you feel the first symptoms, or at least lessen the effects. Dr C. Ann Conn who is a Louisiana based physician who specialises in neurology and headache medicine has taken out studies by examining MRI's of migraines in action. She has since come up with some hacks to lessen the migraine effects. She claims,

By observing the brain during a migraine with functional MRI, we know that a migraine initially involves only a small portion of the brain. As time passes, more of the brain becomes involved in a headache. Therefore, the best opportunity to treat a migraine is early in the headache process because less of the brain is involved and the brain is most responsive to treatment.

1. Get to a quiet, dark room

When the headache signs first kick in, get into a quiet, dark place and try lying down with an ice pack on your neck or forehead. The purpose of this is to decrease the effects of external stimuli, which is bright light and noise, both these external triggers can set off a migraine, or it can worsen one that's already present.  

2. Have an Epsom salt bath

If you’re at home when it hits, it is recommended you can get into a bath with some Epsom bath salts. These contain magnesium, which will help to lessen the effects and sooth a migraine which is sinking in. 

3. Have a large glass of water

This step sounds too easy, and its one that everyone will say when you start to complain about a headache. But it truly does work, especially in the heat or to rehydrate your body to combat that migraine!

4. Find the right medication for you

This step is a time-consuming one which involves many trials and can be incredibly frustrating. But when you find that perfect combination and get on top of taking these, it can significantly decrease the amount and severity of potential migraines. 

5. Have a massage

If it's taking the extra time and money to have a professional massage or asking someone to massage you at home, it can make a massive difference to your pain and effects of a migraine. A head massage can reduce stress and relax and reduce discomfort in this area. 

6. Try Ginger tea

Rebecca Lee, registered nurse of natural health, swears by ginger tea as a relief for migraines,

Ginger contains over 200 powerful substances in its oils and has been around for over 2,000 years. Among many uses, ginger calms muscle contractions and inflammation, which is great for combating migraine pains.

These hacks may not be cures or lifesavers, but they should certainly make the pain more manageable or notice less of the effects of those awful migraines!