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5 ways to reduce workplace stress

life 28/06/2018

Workplace stress can completely weigh you down some days. From a full inbox, frustrating colleagues or a tough boss, there are many causes for the workplace to become stressful. Some things at work are out of your ocntrol, like deadlines, targets or more money that you need to earn. We compiled a list of the causes of stress in the workplace and how to decrease these to make your workplace a more productive place!

1. Feeling uncertain

Uncertainty in your job is the leading cause of stress. According to Kelly Resendez, best-selling author is an expert in stress management

The uncertainty that you’re doing a good job, being fairly compensated, being valued by your employer, are on a path for growth or a promotion or are uncertain that you’re fulfilling your purpose” all cause stress, she says.

2. Not having a purpose

Some companies do not have set or specific goals or do not strive for a purpose. This can be extremely unsettling, and the lack of vision can cause severe uncertainty and lead to stress. Set clear goals for your day to ensure you have a drive each day.

3. Messy desk

A messy desk is a significant reason for stress in the workplace. You cant see the things you need to, and the chaos reflects in your mind and makes it much harder to work. Make sure you are always working in a neat and organised desk to get the most value out of your space.

4. Having poor time management

If you are unable to manage your time, you won't be able to get things done that you need to. This will lead to stress as you start to slack at work. Try using your calendar, and you will begin to manage your time better when you see tasks in front of you.

5. Always saying yes

While this may look great for your employer, saying yes to everything will guarantee you're taking on too many tasks. Which means you cannot achieve everything to the same high standard. Don't feel afraid to say no as it could significantly decrease the levels of stress at your work.