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5 lifestyle changes you can make to improve energy levels

life 05/07/2018

1. Eat right 

This means eating the proper levels of fasts proteins and carbs for the benefit of your metabolism. Stable blood sugar levels indicate stable energy levels and limits chance of you becoming lethargic during the day. When you eat a balanced diet, it gives your body energy to feel the best. 

2. Drink loads of water

Water is needed for energy to be produced at a cellular level. Therefore it is imperative to stay hydrated throughout the day to maintain these energy levels. It is recommended if you're 60kgs you should drink 2L a day, and at 75kgs you should have an intake of 2.5L. When you don't drink enough water, you want to have enough energy. 

3. Get good amounts of sleep 

Sleep is crucial for the balance in our system. We know it is essential to get 8 hours sleep, which allows the body to rest from the day and ensure that energy is restored to tackle another day. Try leaving your phone in another room to make your sleep non-distractive. 

4. Practise mindfulness 

Energy is made by a chemical process and at a cellular level. However, the effectiveness of this process, to a degree, is run by your thoughts. By trying to have positive mental health and practising mindfulness, this will make you excited about things happening around you. The hormones produced by excitement are required for energy production, so if you are happy you should have increased energy!

5. Add supplements to your diet

In this modern world, due to poor soil quality and modern farming, some of the essential supplements are hard for our bodies to obtain. These are vital for energy production and our metabolic pathways. So it is suggested that by adding extra supplements to your diet, your overall health will increase, as well as your energy levels.