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The best ways to get out of an exercise rut

life 02/10/2018

Sometimes the gym and your daily exercise routine can become too repetitive. This is when you lose motivation to work out so spicing up your routine is the key to get yourself out of a dreaded exercise rut.


As the sun starts to make a more frequent appearance its agrat time to get into water sports. Kayaking, surfing, water skiing, sailing and stand-up paddleboarding, are just a few options which you could take part in. These forms of exercise are all fun and easily accessible, as you can just rent the gear!

These types of activities burn an average of 300-900 calories an hour and tend to be much more fun than being stuck inside a gym pushing through a workout. 

Have an adrenaline burst

Try something new, and something which gets the adrenaline pumping. This will make you more inclined to workout in a week. Try adventure workouts in your weekends such as caving, canyoning, rock climbing or mountain biking. These activities sound crazy, but they're a great fun weekend trip which you can go on with your friends or family! You'll be surprised how much you love it!

Make the most of our backyard

Climb the mountains or hills near your house. There are some great small walks in our country. A great starting point to find these if you're stuck is on the DOC (Department of Conservation) website. 

Climbing a moutnain with a view is a great inspiration to finish your workout as you know the reward at the end will be fantastic!

Keep it social

Keep this in mind if your friend wants to go out for a coffee. Use those BYO coffee cups and walk up to your local. You will be surprised how great you feel after a chat and walk with your friend. It's a great chance to relax and catch up while gaining the benefits of a social get together.