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NZ post reveals the strangest things people have tried to mail

Must See 18/10/2018

New Zealand Post has released a list of the wackiest things us Kiwis are trying to ship in the post!

They've seen Deer antlers with blood, as well as birthday cakes. Some people are even trying to send goldfish in our mail system. What an eye-opening job the New Zealand post must have!

Most of these items are prohibited, but we just aren't listening! NZ Post Northern customer service general manager Brendon Main says that most of us know what we can and can't ship, but there's always a few people who try sneak funny things through!

Some people are their luck trying to post live creates, such as Bee's, live leeches, silkworms and other "harmless insects".

Spring is the busiest time of year for NZ post due to the Beehives in full swing and people trying to ship them around the country in poorly inuslted containers. 

Typically during this time, we send around 100 queen bees and their escorts a day from various addresses in Northland around the country, including Blenheim and Nelson.

So be careful when packaging your items and check what is prohibited and what isn't!