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What are the benefits of waking before your alarm

life 15/08/2018

We dream about those occasional mornings when you wake up before the annoying sound of your alarm. It is a rare but beautiful event when you wake up feeling ready to tackle the day. But is it a good sign if you're waking up early? What does it mean if you're waking up before your alarm?

One sign could be that you are gaining the perfect night of rest. But there are multip[le reasons for this researchers have found. Dr Sujay Kansagra, director of Duke University’s Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medicine Program and sleep health expert for Mattress Firm, says that if you wake up before your alarm isn't necessarily abnormal. However, it could mean you are experiencing sleep disruptions. 

According to Dr. Benjamin Smarr, a National Institutes of Health claims that waking before your alarm is a good thing.

Waking up naturally is [healthier] because you let your body and brain finish doing maintenance before putting yourself back on the road, 

He even recommends if you aren't waking before your alarm you should train your body to do so. 

The first way to try to wake up without an alarm clock successfully is to go to bed earlier, remembering that you're giving up night hours to invest in higher-quality, higher-performance day hours the next day,

The key to getting an earlier sleep is having a technology-free hour before bed. Stop stimulating your mind with bright lights and sound, and relax during the night time.

He also suggests trying to go to bed earlier in 15-minute time blocks. Therefore not suddenly changing your natural habit by an hour, but instead adapting your sleep 15 minutes sooner than usual, gradually.