Mike King explains why depression "signs" are a complete myth

mental health 24/08/2018

New Zealand was in shock when one of our country's recognised newsreaders, Greg Boyed, died while overseas in Switzerland.

His family revealed that the long-serving TV journalist was secretly battling depression. Many couldn't believe that he was suffering from depression as there we no signs.

But comedian and mental health advocate Mike King says that seeing "signs" is untrue.

"One of the biggest problems we have is this myth there are signs," he told The AM Show.

"If someone is down in the dumps, they're in the corner, they're put off their food, they're not sleeping - guess what? That's the flu. There are no signs. There is one sign, and one sign only - and that sign is if I tell you."

"Now the problem we have in New Zealand society and all around the world is the problem isn't the person in crisis. It's the rest of us who aren't in crisis, but whose often judgemental attitude is having the biggest effect."

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