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If a mother lives long, so will her daughter

life 16/08/2018

They often say 'like father like son' however a new study has shown that when it comes to your lifespan, 'Like mother like daughter' is much more fitting. 

Women who have mothers you reach the age of 90 are a quarter more likely to achieve this age as well. Not just reach this age either, they are more likely to be in good health and less chance of broken hips, cancer or diabetes. 

Thes results are not consistent with a daughters father, however. If only the daughter's father reaches old age, it does not affect her chances. However if both parents lived to older ages, the daughter is 38% more likely to achieve their age in good health. 

Scientists at the University of California, San Diego, suggest that genetics have some part to play in this. They also have speculated that healthy habits are passed down generations, explaining the link between mother-daughter longevity.

The research team was led by Dr Aladdin Shadyab, who looked at the lifespan of 22,000  postmenopausal women to conclude his study.

Women in the study whose mothers lived to at least 90 reaped other benefits, they were more likely to graduate from college, be married and in a stable high earning job, and have fantastic healthy and workout habits.

Dr Shadyab said: 

Our results show not only did these women live to age 90, but they also aged well by avoiding significant diseases and disabilities. Although we can't determine our genes, our study shows the importance of passing on healthy behaviors to our children.