Couple of 80 years officially crowned Guinness World Record's oldest living married couple

love 09/08/2018

A Japanese couple who have spent more than 80 years married together have now become the new record holders for the oldest living married couple.

Masao Matsumoto (born 9 July 1910) married Miyako Sonoda (born 24 November 1917) on 20 October 1937 and officially became the Oldest living married couple, aggregate age on Wednesday 25 July aged 108 years 16 days and 100 years 243 days respectively, giving them a combined age of 208 years 259 days.

In their 80+ years together, they've had five daughters, 13 grandchildren, and are expecting their 25th great-grandchild this month.

Both born in Japan's Oita prefecture, Masao and Miyako were introduced to each other through an acquaintance, and eventually married in 1937.

Their daughters believe that their longevity is not only due to the strength of Masao, but also Miyako who had prepared great meals for the family until she was 98.

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