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Your personality is affecting your sleep

Must See 02/08/2018

Many people struggle with getting sufficient sleep, as well as a good quality sleep. Sometimes figuring out whats wrong or what you should do differently can be challenging. 

Studies suggest dreaded blue light from your phone or anxiety could be a leading cause for why your sleep isn't the best it could be. A new study has done groundbreaking research to suggest our sleep is affected by our personality.

The study was performed by researchers at Best Mattress Brand that suggest personalities have a significant contributing factor to how you sleep. The key finding was that introverts are less likely to have a good sleep compared to extroverts. They studied 1000 Americans and their personality traits determined by the Myer Briggs test. Personality and dreams had a strong link, which had a consequence on how they slept. 

The study found that extroverts were more likely to have active pursuit dreams while introverts were more likely to dream about their insignificance in the influencing the world. Which sounds believbale and makes general sense. 

Despite extroverts getting more sleep, when looking at sleep quality introverts won out. Extroverts were 6.5 per cent more satisfied with their sleep quality, compared to over double the introverts where 17.7 percent. Who rated their energy levels significantly higher than the extrovert group, after sleeping.