Toddler's adorable wedding toast to bride and groom

Viral videos 31/07/2018

This toddler takes the cake for the cutest wedding toast we've seen! Something we would spend hours curting the perfect speech, whereas this wee girl just spoke from the top of her head!

She starts with 

When I was a baby, I just wanted to grow up and be 4!

She then proceeds to address the crowd with many um's ah's and incoherent blabbering. 

Despite some words going over our head, the sweet girl said some heartwarming words telling the bride, “ I love you, and I’m so happy that you got married.”

Wrapping her first wedding speech up by telling the groom she liked his suit, and the bride looked beautiful. 

The crowd loved her, of course. 

This kid has a bright future in speech's that's for sure!