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The unknown different types of water we should be drinking

life 27/07/2018

Everyone knows that the recommended water intake is eight glasses per day. However, we bet you didn't realise the different types of water you're meant to be drinking in a day! Water is beneficial for many reasons including healthy clear skin and can aid in weight loss. But water with different chemical properties helps your body for various reasons. We've curated a list of the different types of water out there and when the optimal occasion to drink them is. 

Hydrogen water 

This is perfect when you're tired. Sometimes it's too easy to pick up the closet Powerade from the shops to give you that much-needed energy boost. However, those unnatural chemicals can have serve effects on your health. A great alternative is hydrogen water, and it sounds silly as hydrogen is obviously what makes up water. But there are hydrogen enhancer sticks which you can buy from health stores. Drinking hydrogen water is an old Japanese technique to stay healthy and ultra hydrated. 

Alkaline water 

This is the perfect post-workout drink. Exercise and water always go hand in hand, but explicitly drinking alkaline water is a lesser-known trick. Alkaline water regenerates the bodies pH levels which can become too acidic when exercising. As well as this benefit, alkaline water can slow down the ageing process and help with fertility issues. 

Distilled water

Even though you're achieving your eight glasses a day from your tap, the nasty stuff that flows into your pipes could be causing more damage than good. If you are, it is recommended to drink distilled water, to ward off any impurities which can cause a weakened immune system. However when water is purified, it can also strip the naturally occurring minerals, so this is recommended to do for short periods of time rather than a full-time system. You can buy distilled water at supermarkets or a buy an at home distiller and do it yourself!