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The do's and dont's of taking a sick day

life 31/07/2018

We have been groomed in a culture where "she'll be right' is our foundation. This can translate over to your work life when wanting to take a sick day, but you feel like you need to be on death's door to warrant a sick day. But despite this mentality, sometimes the act of soldering on at work can do more harm than good. Work may be too hard to get off for the lesser cases of sickness due to an unreasonable boss, overload or work, or financial reasons. If any of these sound familiar we have compiled a list of Do's and Dont's when taking a sick day from work. 


Come in when you're too sick

Even though you think you'll be applauded by soldiering on and getting on top of our workload, this is not the case. Dr Gail Kinman, a professor of occupational health psychology at the University of Bedford, says that working while sick is counterproductive for the whole office. 

When you’re ill, you’re much more likely make errors, and your performance will suffer. By taking time to look after yourself, you’ll be able to tune in to your needs much more effectively,

Go to work if the illness is making you sneeze and cough

 According to Dr Helen Stoke-Lampard, GP and chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, even if you think your illness may not be contagious and you think work is a good idea think again,

The most common way for illnesses to spread is through bodily fluids. The droplets from a sneeze can travel as far as the length of a bus, so it’s important to minimise contact

Work while recovering at home 

Since you've taken a day off, use it! Make sure you are healing and therefore limiting your following sick days. Set some time to look over important emails, but other than that switch off from work altogether. 


Take sick days if you’re unwell. 

The work you produce at the office if you've decided to soldier on through sickness will have an increased likelihood of mistakes and errors. So really if you think you're soldiering on you are probably going to do more harm to your work than make and positive impact that day. 

Make sure you rest. 

This is super important if you want a quick recovery. Rest will be the main reason you start to get better and recover. Therefore make sure you are strict on yourself and don't use it as a time to get the house tidy or try working from the comfort of your bed. 

Find quiet time when you return to work.

Ease yourself back into the workforce after you've been sick. Try focus on urgent tasks and be extremely strict on yourself from getting distracted. Sometimes this can be hard in the chaos of an office however it will be crucial to your recovery process.