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Hormones could be the reason you aren't losing weight

life 30/07/2018

Despite trying every trick in the book, sometimes the last part of weight loss can be challenging. Cutting gluten, sugar or increasing your workouts is a given when you want to be losing weight. The reason you might not be losing the stubborn parts is due to hormones. 

According to nutritionist Ben Warren, food isn't what it used to be 50 odd years ago. We have modified and continued to process food for the benefit of our living conditions. But this has come as a high cost for our health. Rates of fertility issues are soaring as well as high rates of inflammation and allergies. 

This is directly related to your hormones because our modern world is working against hormone balancing. Hormones are extremely sensitive to your lifestyle including what you eat as they are always travelling through your bloodstream, to modify your bodies function. Hormones are the power of your mental and emotional well being and have significant responsibility in losing weight. 

There are over 50 hormones focused on our mood, digestion and our energy levels. When these hormones become disrupted, they can significantly affect the digestive system and lead to weight gain and fatigue. Below are some ways to restore hormone balance to conquer that stubborn weight!

Vitamin D

As a result of urban living lacking natural sunlight, and damage from UV  rays, our bodies are no longer getting the right amount of Vit D in our system, 84% of Kiwis are deficient in this vitamin! Which is crucial for hormone balance, so getting a safe amount of Vitamin D will benefit your health significantly. 

Insulin regulation 

Energy comes from the insulin hormone, meaning the glucose is released into your system. In this modern age where sugar is increasing in our diets exponentially, our body becomes used to a higher level of glucose to regulate your hormones. With such high sugar levels, your body can become resistant to insulin, which is the direct cause of type two diabetes. Lower the sugar intake in your diet to ensure that hormone regulation occurs efficiently. 

Eat foods high in iodine

As well as a high level of Vitamin D deficient New Zealanders, we also lack iodine. When you do not have enough iodine in your system, your thyroid glands struggle to do their job. These thyroid hormones are the crucial step of metabolic regulation. Therefore if you lack iodine, your body will struggle to continue to lose weight.