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Easy tips to incorporate mindfulness into your routine

life 02/08/2018

Everyones talking about mindfulness these days, and you immediately think humming and yoga mats. But this isn't always the case, it can be less complicated, and it simple to incorporate into your daily routine. According to Lisa Sussman, clinical director at The Palm Beach Institute, mindfulness is about being fully aware and present at the moment, while taking all your thoughts into account and not judging them. This would take plenty of practice to perfect. However, Sussman runs through the simple day to day tasks we can introduce mindfulness to master the act.


While walking mindfully, this means solely focusing on the act of walking, not being on your phone or distracted.

This is best done in a contained space, like a garden, where you can walk about 10 feet in one direction, turn around, and walk back again.

Walking like this will force you to focus on the act of walking rather than where you are headed or the direction.

Write in a diary

Writing in a journal can be an easy way to let out all of your emotion and bury them in your diary, never having to think about them again. But Sussman recommends writing down your feelings and tracking the patterns. She also recommends not going into this exercise with too high expectations, simply observe your feelings and emotions as they come to you.

The Stop technique

Sussman says that mindfulness is about the development of "distress tolerance skills," which means finding coping to deal with situations that make you feel uncomfortable. Her favourite technique for this is the STOP technique,

The STOP technique would require stopping, taking a step back, observing one's feelings, and proceeding mindfully.