Beat your holiday jet lag by trying this

Must See 16/07/2018

Travelling overseas is such an exciting experience - you've got plans to go places and see things; the last thing you need is jet lag holding you back from enjoying yourself.

Well, according to experts, exercise can help releave your jet lag, so don't forget to pack your activewear next time you head overseas!

In case you were wondering what causes jet lag in the first place, Nike running coach Dave Coligado told Elite Daily, "it has a lot to do with how much oxygen you get (or rather, don't get) while you're on your flight. Cabin pressure during a flight is actually lower than sea level. This means that the body's ability to absorb oxygen is reduced ..that lack of oxygen causes you to feel lethargic, restless, and downright 'out of it' after your flight.”

That's what causes my sleepy punishment for wanting to travel the world?? So what can we do about it?

Well, to adjust to your new time zone more easily, Coligado suggests exercising for 30 - 45 minutes once you reach your hotel or accomodation.

We know, it's not exactly how you imagined your first hour of 'relaxation' would go, but there are a few ways you could get that exercise that won't feel like a workout - such as exploring the area on foot, packing a jump rope, going for a swim, dancing like noone's watching or a gentle yoga routine might be more your cup of tea.

To prove we're not joking, scientists came to the same conclusion in a 1987 study, where they simulated jet lag in hamsters.

They found that hamsters that exercised adjusted faster to their new environment compared to those hamsters that didn't exercise.

It worked on hamsters, so it might work for us, right?

So the next time you take a long flight to somewhere amazing, resist the urge to sleep and go make an active start your holiday.