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Sarah chats with Two Raw Sister
Two Raw Sisters joined us for International Women's Day
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Two Raw Sisters on importance of talking about their health challenges

Two Raw sisters joined us on International Women's Day
9 March 2023 10:43AM

The Two Raw Sisters, Rosa and Margo Flannagan, joined Sarah in the studio for International Women’s Day to discuss all things food, health challenges, what it is like working with your sister, and which women figure in their life empowers them. 

When Sarah asked if it was scary to talk so openly about something so personal like their health challenges, they told that it was rather empowering. Since some people don't talk about it, The Two Raw Sisters talking about it helps inspire others who struggle to, and seeing that unfold inspires them back. 

"We find it quite empowering, talking about it, because it's something a lot of people don't talk about. So having a platform where we can educate and inspire people around to on a subject that may not be talked about quite a lot is inspiring for both of us" Margo said. 

Rosa and Margo also revealed who the better cook is among the two of them. 

Sarah also got the scoop on their newly launched catering company which you can find more about at www.tworawsisters.com

Watch the highlight video above and listen to the full interview below.