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Robert Scott chats with Boh Runga
Stellar*'s Boh Runga joined The Breeze for International Women's Day
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Stellar*'s Boh Runga shares her experience working in a male dominanted music industry

Boh Runga joined us on International Women's Day
9 March 2023 9:45AM

Robert Scott caught up with Boh Runga, who is known for fronting the multi-award-winning band Stellar* and for designing her own jewellery range.

When asked if the male-dominated music industry has brought any challenges Runga said that she’s been “lucky” to be surrounded by strong, thoughtful males, who have always thought about how she feels.

"I've been surrounded by really strong but very considerate people who have always considered my feelings towards things," Boh said.

"And I've always considered how I, I feel as a front person always. They never let me do things alone. It's quite a weird thing when you're the lead singer of a band. Regardless of whether you're male or female, you're expected to do all the interviews", she added.

They also chatted about her jewellery line and she pointed out the incredible 15-year career she has had as a jewellery designer of bohrunga.com 

Listen to the full interview below.