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Robert & Jeanette chat with Jennifer
Jennifer Ward-Lealand Te Atamira joined us on International Women's Day
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Jennifer Ward-Lealand on the challenges of working women and how she admires them 'enormously'

Jennifer Ward-Lealand Te Atamira joined us on International Women's Day!
8 March 2023 11:40AM

Jennifer Ward-Lealand is one of New Zealand's most respected stage and screen actresses/directors.

She joined The Breeze Auckland this morning on International Women's Day for a chat.

Growing up with two wonderful mums,  Jennifer talks about how big of an influence they have been on her growing up and how they've shaped her into becoming the woman she is today.

When talking about the challenges of being a woman in the arts industry, the actress opened up about the time when she was 20 and had a chat with her senior. The reality of that senior was something that she only understood after she became a mother. 

"When I think about this, I go back to myself as a 20-year-old being in one of my first plays outside of drama school" Jennifer said.

"And I remember a senior actor, Dorothy, saying to me, I've got to go now because I've got to get up early morning to breakfast for my son and I went 'Dorothy, you're working late at night. Why do you have to get up?'  And then, of course, when I became a mother, and well, of course, you get up!"

Being a mum she performed late a night but like any mum, she got up early in the morning to get her sons ready, make lunch, and do all the morning routine. 

"So my admiration for working women and particularly those who work at night grew very enormously. I think it's the challenge of giving 100% in whatever you do in your mahi and also going back at doing 100% at home".

Watch the highlight video above and check out the full interview below.