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Five different ways to freeze feijoas to make them last all year long
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In The Kitchen

Five different ways to freeze feijoas to make them last all year long

Move aside stuffs in the freezer, gotta make some space for the feijoas!

If you've got too many feijoas at your place and if you're worried about them slowly getting mushy, you might want to freeze them!

When it comes to feijoas it almost feels like you're in this big competition with the fruits - Can I eat them all? What other different recipes should I try before they rot? Why are there still more even after giving them away to family, friends, and colleagues? 

Well freezing them in your freezer and storing them there allows you to eat feijoas whenever - even when the fruit is out of season. 

For Feijoa lovers, freezing in some form allows you to have access to the fruit all year for baking, fruit crumbles, smoothies, etc.

Here are five different ways to freeze feijoas based on your preference

1. If you need large pieces, cut feijoas in half and scoop out the flesh and freeze them

2. Freezing feijoas in cup quantities is a good idea so all you have to do is defrost the portion you need for any recipe

3. If there are any recipes asking for feijoa puree - freezing the fruit's flesh in ice cubes is the best

4. Scoop the fruit out in a bowl, microwave them for 15 minutes and after it's cool, you can either use ice cubes or freezer bags to freeze it

5. You can also freeze whole fruit if you're in a hurry. And when you want it, you can simply defrost (and skin if required) the fruit and it is ready to use

When storing them in bags or ice cubes, ensure that the bag is sealed, and you've removed excess air to avoid ice crystals forming on the fruit. It is also recommended to place these fruits at the back of the freezer because the temperature is relatively lower. 

When defrosting feijoas, put them in the fridge for about five to six hours so they are just as good as fresh fruit. For smoothies or recipes like the feijoa purees in ice cubes, you can use them directly!

How long can you freeze feijoas? 

You might be wondering about this the best before use.  These frozen feijoas will last for about 12 months. But that's completely okay because the fresh feijoas will be ready by then.