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These seasonal gin cocktail recipes will help ease you into autumn at home
In The Kitchen
In The Kitchen

These seasonal gin cocktail recipes will help ease you into autumn at home

It might be goodbye G&Ts with the sun on the way out, but gin is here to stay.
16 March 2023 10:40AM

With the end of summer comes the end of prime G&T season, one of the best drinks to enjoy in the sun. Still, the changing of the seasons doesn't have to mean the end of delicious gin drinks altogether. 

In fact, there's a whole host of cocktail recipes using seasonal ingredients and flavours to make the transition into the colder months that much more tolerable. Here are some that Roku Japanese Gin has designed, and they sound divine. Plus, they're definitely not too complicated for you to serve at your next dinner party!

Autumn Highball 

Autumn Highball
  • 25ml Roku Gin 
  • 20ml lemon Juice 
  • 15ml sugar Syrup 
  • 15ml soda 
  • Fresh ginger 

Muddle fresh ginger and shake with the remaining ingredients. Double strain over ice and top with soda water. Garnish with a lemon twist and fresh ginger. 

Orchard Martinez 

  • 40ml Roku Gin 
  • 40ml Sweet Vermouth 
  • 3 slices fresh pear 
  • 1 twist lemon 

Gently muddle pear & Roku, add ice & remaining ingredients, and stir for 30 seconds. Strain into frozen coupette glass. Garnish with rosemary. 

Autumn Negroni 

Roku Negroni
  • 30ml Roku Gin 
  • 30ml Sweet Vermouth 
  • 20ml Campari 
  • 10ml Crème de Cacao Liqueur

Stir all ingredients over ice until chilled. Strain over a large ice cube in a chilled rocks glass. Garnish with a piece of star anise & orange peel.

If you happen to be in Auckland later this month and are looking to splash out on a lovely dinner to mark the changing of the seasons, Roku Gin are hosting an Autumn Seasonal Supper at The Glasshouse in Morningside. 

The six-course meal on March 30th is paired with Roku gin cocktails including the 'Sloely Count to Six' and 'Osaka Mule'. There will also be a Taiko drumming performance and light displays on show. Tickets are $200pp so it's not a cheap night out, but it sounds like it will be one to remember!