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Ali's Air fryer boiled eggs recipe

Personally I found these eggs peel easier than when I actually boil them in a pot.

Hi, Ali here! 

I did an experiment with my Air Fryer to discover the times for boiling eggs. I hope you have some fun experimenting with yours. 

First, preheat your air fryer. I set my air fryer to a low temperature of 130 to mimic a simmering pot of water, like what you’d set eggs in when boiling eggs on the stove.

Next, add your eggs to the air fryer basket or rack. As best you can, leave space between each egg. It’s normal if they roll a bit, but this allows the air to circulate properly. Place the basket back into the air fryer and cook.

This seems to work...

Ali's Air fryer boiled eggs recipe
  • Soft             9-10 mins
  • Jammy        11-13 mins 
  • Hard            14-15 mins

Remove the eggs and set them immediately into an ice bath (a bowl filled with ice and cold water.) Submerging the eggs in the ice-cold water stops the cooking process quickly, that way you have full control over the doneness of your eggs.

When the eggs are cool but not yet chilled, remove them, crack the shells, and peel. I started at the bottom/fattest part of the egg because that’s usually where the air bubble forms.

There are a lot of factors that influence air frying cooking times! The strength of your air fryer, its temperature settings, the size and fullness of your basket, as well as the size of the eggs you use will all play into the equation.

This is just a reference guide for you. There'll be a learning curve as you figure out how this best works for your particular machine. I'd experiment a bit, cooking just a couple of eggs at a time until you find what works the best time-wise for you. 

Fun fact - Personally I found these eggs peel easier than when I actually boil them in a pot.