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Woman's Rocky Road recipe hack labeled as a game-changer
In The Kitchen
In The Kitchen

Woman's Rocky Road recipe hack labeled as a game-changer

We are definitely trying this out!

It's the festive season!

And that means that there are normally an abundance of social functions that you have to attend including work-doos, pot-lucks, weddings, birthday parties, family BBQs and more.

It can be hard to figure out what to gift someone, or what to bring as a plate to a gathering, but one Australian mum has shared her ingenius and easy hack that can be used as either.

Woman's Rocky Road recipe hack labeled as a game-changer

Posting on the fabulous Mums Who Cook & Bake Facebook page, the woman named Sally has shared her hack for whipping up bite-sized rocky road treats.

Using silicone ice cube trays, she mixes up various rocky road mixtures and then places them in the ice cube containers to set. It means they’re the perfect size to share at a party, and there’s no messy cutting and fiddling around involved. Genius!

Sally said on the Facebook page: "Every December, my partner becomes the most popular guy in the office when I send him to work with a massive tub of rocky road."

"This year I've made four different kinds: White Christmas (almonds, cherries, rice bubbles and coconut). Traditional rocky road (milk chocolate with cherries, peanuts and marshmallows). Extreme rocky road (dark chocolate with cherries, chopped lolly snakes, macadamia nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts, honeycomb and marshmallows)."

"And this year I did a new variety and I'm still trying to think up a cute name for it ... it's made with a blend of white, milk and dark chocolate and contains ginger snap biscuit pieces, raspberry jelly lollies and marshmallows."

"Oh, and just a hint for anyone planning to mass produce rocky road - get cheap silicone icecube trays and spoon the chocolate in - no chopping! The cubes of chocolate just pop straight out."

She then went on to explain that she doesn’t really have a set recipe: "I just melt 2-3 bags of Cadbury chocolate melts and add stuff, then mix well and spoon into the trays."

"No copha or anything like that. I literally just add stuff until it looks chunky and yummy. 😂 I put it into the fridge to set for 2-3 hours before popping the chocolates out of the trays."