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In The Kitchen

Woman's hack for chicken kiev has been called 'genius'

We are definetly trying this out!

Sometimes when you can't be bothered cooking a great big feast for dinner, things like pizzas, supermarket frozen sausage rolls or chicken kievs can be a great thing to get out of the freezer and into the oven.

One woman has discovered a hack (that apparently not many people online knew of!) using the humble chicken kiev.

Posting on Facebook, Maria List asked: “Anyone else put a slice of bread under their chicken kievs so it soaks up all that juicy garlic butter and you get a nice slice of garlic bread to go with it?”

Alongside the quite frankly mind-blowing information, Maria shared a photograph of the clever hack with a before and after look at the creation of chicken kiev infused bread.

For those out there already eager to trial the trick, she added: “pop the bread under five minutes before the kiev is cooked and turn half way. It will suck up all the garlic butter juices and toast at the same time”.

Of course this hack also works for chicken kievs that you have made yourself.