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Vanessa Lei from Yoganess has been teaching yoga, meditation, mindfulness and holding yoga retreats and workshops for 8 years. She operates from a gorgeous inner city yoga studio in Palmerston North which has been a dedicated yoga space and a dream come true.



Qualified to provide advice over all aspects of nutrition – Nikki of Nikki Hart Nutrition became most well-known as being a “Weight Management Expert” (you may remember her as ‘The Evil Diet Witch’) when she hosted her two TV series ‘Eat Yourself Whole’ and ‘The Fat Chance’. Family & Medical nutrition with an emphasis on normalising food and not talking in nutrients became Nikki’s focus. GPs and specialists often refer her adults/children/families to help them through the complex and emotional stress of obesity or medical conditions linked with being overweight – such as Diabetes Type 2, raised cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, poly-cystic ovaries (PCOS) etc. In contrast, she also sees many young people with eating disorders and works with psychologists and other health professionals to aid in their recovery.



Lauren of Lauren Parsons Wellbeing's vision is to inspire and educate business leaders to find the sweet spot between wellbeing and productivity, creating positive, energised workplaces where people thrive.