Novus Glass and The Breeze: Working Together To Plant As Many Native Trees As Possible!

Novus Glass is back for 2024 for the greener good!
1 January 2024

The Breeze and NOVUS Glass together have teamed up to plant as many native trees as possible! So far we have donated nearly 2000 trees and we’re excited to keep working together for the greener good in 2024!

If you win a prize on The Breeze this year - anything big or small - we will have a native tree planted on your behalf.

And remember, every NOVUS Glass job helps plant native trees; so far, they’ve donated over 13 thousand! It's your chance to make a difference - just by choosing your local NOVUS Glass branch.

For every repair or replacement, NOVUS Glass make a donation to Trees That.

Count, a charity helping plant native trees around New Zealand.