The Breeze with New Zealand Blood Service!

Win 15/04/2019

Here at The Breeze we have a strong community of listeners and love to take care of each other and help out where we can! That’s why The Breeze team were thrilled to help New Zealand Blood Service on their drive to encourage businesses to donate blood as a team. Our announcers, Alison Leonard and Tania Burgess were passionate team leaders, wrangling The Breeze staff to get together and go and donate last Tuesday!

Below is the video from the team outing - they were picked up in the bus and taken to the clinic where they gave blood and enjoyed some delicious snacks! It’s not that scary and it’s all over and done with pretty quickly - so simple yet so effective in saving lives! In fact, just one blood donation has the power to save up to three lives!

New Zealand Blood Service is the sole provider of blood and blood products to all of NZ and they need at least 3,000 donations every week to be able to meet the needs of hospitals nationwide. Team Red is the group blood donation programme from New Zealand Blood Service that allows workplaces, sports teams, friends and family to come together and donate blood as a team to save lives

Right now NZ Blood Service needs new donors, so register your team for Team Red. To find out more, check your eligibility and register your team visit