Suzy Cato talks about the big surprise on the next Dancing With The Stars NZ

DWTS 01/06/2018

The wonderful Suzy Cato joined Robert and Jeanette in studio for a catch up on her Dancing With The Stars journey.

She has been amazing to watch on the show, smiling every week despite having a few injuries and wearing some pretty revealing outfits.

Suzy filled us in on mentally preparing herself for wearing the revealing outfits for the show.

I stepped out on to that dance floor and I started shaking because I was just aware that all those cameras were pointing at me and I was also aware it wasn't just the dress, it was the lack of fabric and the fact that I had to throw my leg up and out and around.

Suzy also shared some details on the surprise in store for the next show of Dancing With The Stars NZ.

Instead of dancing just with their usual dance partner the contestants will also be dancing with a third person - another professional dancer!

She also spoke about the amazing support she has received since being on the show.

"The mums my age are going 'girl you're doing this for us, you're rocking that dress for us, thank you so much'"