Robert talks about wearing nipple tassel and spray tans in interview with Newshub

DWTS 06/06/2018

After Robert's elimination from Dancing With The Stars NZ he caught up with Newshub about being on the show and what they had planned.

Read the interview below:

Robert Rakete and partner Nicole were booted from Dancing With The Stars NZ last night, and Nicole - who moved back from Italy for the show - is very upset.

"I feel heartbroken - that's the exact words I would use," she says. 

Robbie, known for his laidback vibes and soothing tones on The Breeze's breakfast show, is disappointed - but of course, he understands.

"Everyone just puts so much effort and work into it, and time," he says, diplomatically.

The broadcaster did take the competition seriously though, writing down his own instructions for each dance, like "1, 2, 3, 4 BANG (STOMP)" and "Then you're off... SMILE!"

Robbie posted a snap of the notebook on social media, along with a humble goodbye message - possibly the most wholesome thing Instagram has ever seen.

"For me, writing down those things just helped me," he says. 

While they may have helped, there was still the odd forgotten step and dropped dance partner along the way.

"I'd say to him, 'did you write this down yesterday?'" Nicole says.

"He would say 'yes' and I'm like, 'why are you not doing it still?!'"

Fumbles aside, Robbie is a born entertainer, and was called a "phenomenal performer" by the mean judge, Rachel White.

The dancing duo claims there was a lot more planned had they survived until next week - including body glitter. I ask Robbie if there was going to be an open shirt situation.

"More than that... little tassels on my nipples!" Robbie laughs.

Perhaps if the public knew they'd be deprived of the Brown Wiggle's glittering pectorals, they'd have voted differently.

Now, it's back to normality. For Robbie that's comprised of spinning yarns on The Breeze, hanging out with his wife and kids and looking almost painfully youthful for a 51-year-old.

He reckons the best way to access the fountain of youth is two-fold.

"First of all, do breakfast radio; spend most of your life waking up laughing, which I do on the show," says Robbie.

"Secondly, when you go and get a spray tan, don't get the 'Malibu', ask for the 'Ngāpuhi Cinnamon', he says.

"That's this lovely Kaikohe glow that I've got going on, from my tīpuna. Then you're sweet."

No, you're sweet, Robbie - possibly too sweet for the cut-throat world of reality TV and ballroom dancing.

But thank goodness, for all our sakes, you've sure got a friend in The Breeze.