Robert Scott and Jeanette judge Robert's Tango

DWTS 01/06/2018

On Monday night for Dancing With The Stars NZ, Robert and Nicole danced the Argentine Tango - it was amazing!

One thing Team Breeze were a bit shocked by though was the harsh scores and feedback from the judges.

Robert and Nicole danced the best they had so far on the show and walked away with a one of the lowest scores of the week - a 21 in total after getting three '7s' from Julz, Rachel and Camilla.

After that Robert Scott and Jeanette thought they'd take a crack at sitting in the judges seats and judged Robert and Nicole's tango.

They gave feedback and the scores they thought Robert should have earned for his incredible tango.

Check it out above and make sure you text ROBERT to 3333 to help out the wonderful KidsCan.