Latest Dancing with the Stars elimination makes judges cry

Dancing with the Stars NZ 11/06/2018

Suzy Cato is the sixth contestant to have been eliminated from Dancing With The Stars NZ following an elimination dance-off against Shavaugn Ruakere.

The TV star was the latest contestant to be eliminated, following the departures of radio host Robert Rakete, politician Marama Fox, and reality TV stars Gilda Kirkpatrick, Zac Franich and Naz Khanjani.

Suzy and her partner Matt had a dance-off with the other couple left in the competition, Shavaugn and Matt, but an energetic performance wasn't enough to save them.

Each of the three judges appeared visibly surprised and upset at the couples that had ended up in the bottom two.

"My mind is blown that we're down to these two amazing, amazing performers," judge Julz said.

"I honestly thought you two would be in the final," Camilla added.

Both Camilla and fellow judge Rachel had to force back tears.

Upon her exit, Suzy harked back to her iconic line from Suzy's World to say goodbye.

"See you, see you later," she sang.

Viewers can help keep their favourite dancer in the competition by texting their first name to 3333 - each text costs 99c and net proceeds go to that star's chosen charity.

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