Celine Dion wants to duet with Adele

Must See 26/04/2017

We would love to hear a Celine Dion and Adele duet!

In a recent interview Celine Dion sings to Adele saying she'd love to work with her and that she is a big fan.

"Adele, hello, it’s me... I was wondering if you can sing a song with me. Anywhere, anytime," she said.

Listen to me, I am a big fan!

Recently Celine has been busy working on new music with singer-songwriter Sia.

"I’m working with new collaboration and what I’m trying to achieve right now—and that’s why it’s taking a little bit of time. Okay, I’m going to tell you one thing—Sia wrote me three songs," she said.

"What a writer, what a vocalist, and her creativity is freaking me out."

Source: ITV Lorraine