WATCH: Polite Prince Harry scolds journalist in the most royal way ever

royals 04/10/2019

Just days after Prince Harry announced that he and the Duchess of Sussex were sueing the British tabloids, Harry has told off a Sky News reporter!

Cameras captured the moment Prince Harry haughtily reprimanded reporter Rhiannon Mills who obviously got a little on his nerves while he was minding his business on his royal tour.

The Duke of Sussex was leaving a health centre in Malawi when Mills asked: "That short conversation, what do you hope to achieve through it?"

Harry was very much not amused by the surprise question, responding: "What? Ask them!" pointing back to the Mawua Health Centre. 

Mills, undeterred, pressed Harry further: "Is that why it was important for you to come and talk to them?" 

"Rihannon, don't behave like this," Harry snapped back, before turning on his heel and getting in his car. 

Polite and to the point. Good work Harry for not losing your cool!