Unearthed Prince Harry interview reveals he was thinking of leaving long before Meghan

royals 13/01/2020

Last week Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially announced that they would be stepping away from the Royal Family.

In their announcement they revealed that they would be splitting their time between the UK and the US and hoped to become 'financially independent'.

The news rocked the world, causing split opinions everywhere and most people targetting their hate at Meghan Markle.

But it seems it may just have been Prince Harry's idea to take a step away from royal life after someone unearthed an interview from 2017.

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday in 2017, Harry revealed that after spending time with the British Army in Afghanistan, it made him question whether or not he really wanted to remain a royal at all – and ultimately decided he would keep his title and try and do as much good as possible.

Speaking to the publication at the time about his feelings, Prince Harry claimed: "I felt I wanted out but then decided to stay in and work out a role for myself," he said, while making it clear to the The Mail On Sunday that he was mainly staying for the sake of his grandmother, The Queen.

He added: 'We don’t want to be just a bunch of celebrities but instead use our role for good.'