The Royal Family release footage from Queen Elizabeth's first televised Christmas speech

royals 11/12/2019

The Royal Family's Instagram account has posted a video of Queen Elizabeth from 1957, giving her first televised Christmas speech. The speech was broadcast live from the Long Library at Sandringham when she was just 31.

"25 years ago, my grandfather broadcast the first of these messages." Queen Elizabeth can be seen saying, paying tribute to her late grandfather King George V who began broadcasting Christmas messages on the radio in 1932.

"Today is another landmark, because television has made it possible for many of you to see me in your homes on Christmas Day."

One Instagram user marvelled at the sight of the 31-year-old Queen. They commented: "She was so young. She sounds like a baby."

Another said: "And what a true privilege it must have been to be able to see and hear Her Majesty for the first time. Long live the Queen."